Our Policies

Test results

If you require a diagnostic test, it is recommended that you book a follow up appointment prior to leaving the centre.  This way your doctor can explain and discuss the results with you as well as review any care plans. If you need to come in urgently after a test result, we will contact you directly. 

Repeat prescription

To ensure you get the best care, our doctors prefer to see you face-to-face. In certain circumstances, your GP may be prepared to write a prescription without your attendance. This may incur a charge and should be made via phone. 

Home visits

If you or a family member needs to consult a doctor outside our opening hours, you can get in touch with our after-hours provider 13SICK (137 425). They will arrange a doctor to visit you at your location or home. This may come at a cost. When you ring them, we recommend you ask them about any fees that might apply to you and how you can pay.

Feedback & complaints

We value your feedback. In accordance with the Health Complaints Act 2016, the Health Complaints Commissioner recommends raising your concerns with us directly, as it is often the quickest and easiest way to resolve a complaint. 

Patient feedback forms are available from reception or we encourage  you to call the clinic and speak to our practice manager to discuss your feedback. We have formal processes in place to review and follow up on all feedbacks. If you feel you are unable to take the complaint to us directly, or you are not happy with our response, you can contact the Health Complaints Commissioner Victoria.

Phone them: 1300 582 113

Visit here for more information.

Calling our doctors 

If there are reasons why you cannot physically attend our clinic to see your doctor face-to-face, you may wish to call them.

Our friendly reception team will notify your doctor by electronic communication of your call and they will respond as soon as they can. We aim to have all calls returned on the day received (unless your doctor is not consulting that day). On some occasions, there could be a delay that is beyond our control.

Communication Policy

You can call us or ask our friendly receptionist staff for a copy of our communication policy. In general we avoid email or sms communications because they aren’t monitored the same way as phone or in person discussions.

Privacy Policy

We take your personal data and privacy very seriously. You can call us or ask our friendly receptionist staff for a copy of our communication policy.